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Artist Interview: Trouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew performing at the  Roxy Chicken Jam. Photo Credit: Peter Morning

Skater, Olympic pro snowboarder, husband to Santigold, lead singer of Trouble Andrew, and 100% an artist, Trevor Andrews sat down with us at the Roxy Chicken Jam before his memorable performance. We got to ask him a couple of questions and learned that this soft-spoken yet assertive guy considers action-sports his community, wants to take up surfing and is a bit of a visionary when it comes to digital.

Trouble Andrew reviewing the set list at the 7th  Annual Roxy Chicken Jam concert in Mammoth. Photo Credit: Craig Wetherby

ROXY: We know you’re a skater, and an Olympic snowboarder. Is this why you always come back and perform at action-sports related events? Is that why you chose to perform at the Roxy Chicken Jam?

TA: Well, I don’t really feel like I am coming back, this is my community, you know what I mean? I grew up around snowboard culture and skate culture and obviously competed in it and took part in it in a big way. With the music it’s just a natural thing to stay in that community and that culture cause I live in it, you know what I mean? So the music is just kind of an extension of the culture and I feel like snowboard, skate, surf culture in general, like breathes so much art, you know?

ROXY: We read something that you’re also a bit of a graphic designer. Is there a career for you? TA: Yeah for sure. I mean I have been doing graphic design for years now. I started really being involved with designing outerwear and stuff for Analog years ago and then just doing my own snowboard graphics and yeah. Any way that I can stay creative is just what I am about so, if I am not like making flyers for shows or writing music or making beats, or like designing a snowboard graphic or clothes or whatever. I just like to stay creative. ROXY: What is another creative outlet that you think you are going to take up in the next couple years? TA: I would like to tackle surfing one day for sure. ROXY: Really? You want us to hook you up with Kelly Slater and hang out with him? TA: Yeah, definitely. I’d be shook for sure. I’d definitely like to learn to do that. I’d like to learn how to golf too. And you know, just take the design and music to another level too and just constantly progress. ROXY: We know you only created 100 physical copies of your album. What influenced your decision on making it a strictly digital album? TA: Well I just felt that right now, it’s just like, I mean, digital is [it]. I made physicals actually before it’s even online so I’m gonna do vinyls and I’m gonna do cds still, but just for the main release, digital just cause it’s the most accessible thing for people, you know. ROXY: So we know that you have your wife [artist Santigold] is on one of these tracks. Did you have any marital spats about your creative process? Creatively, are you guys on the same page? TA: I would say that we are on the same page for the most part. I mean there is definitely, whenever you are working with someone that you are really close with and you both are very like, strong minded. There is friction sometimes, but… ROXY: Tell us about your favorite tracks on the album. TA: I have a couple favorites but I would say, like, to me, there is a song called “Want it All”. I just though that’s pretty, like, I went into it, like yeah, it was just a really real place, lyrically. And I wrote the track too so it just had a feeling, like it was just an honest feeling if you listen to it, you’ll kinda understand, but that and “Reporters”. I love “Reporters”. “Our World”. I wrote it 3 years ago and it’s just kinda about how we need to take, be more conscious and take responsibility for the world we live in. ROXY:  You just came back from South by Southwest. How was it? TA: Yeah, we were down at South by Southwest and we were playing with Yelawolf and Wu-tang Clan. Yeah, it was amazing, that was a great show. It was, I mean, South by Southwest is such an amazing event and just so much, obviously, so much talent down there. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="5" orderby="title"]

Photo Credits: Craig Wetherby