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Endless Wave?3 Years & Counting: Congratulations Meg Roh!

If the name Meg Roh sounds familiar, chances are that you?ve probably heard her making headlines (in a good way)! You might remember seeing Meg last year on International Surfing Day as she approached her 750th day in a row of surfing! In February, Meg hit her 1,000th day of consecutive surfing.  Today on June 1st; Meg accomplishes another milestone: surfing every single day for 3 years in a row! We caught up with Meg at Roxy?s headquarters in Huntington Beach to chat about surf breaks, surf trips & what?s next for this ambitious 15 year old. Meg Roh ROXY: Where did you come up with the idea to start surfing every day? Meg: It all began on June 1, 2011 when I was training for a surf contest. Since it was summer, I figured I?d be surfing almost every day anyways so I set out to surf for 90 days. When 90 days came along, I figured well I?m only 10 days away from 100 days so I made it to 100. From there, I just kept going and going & I haven?t stopped since! ROXY: What does a ?typical? daily surf session consist of? Meg:  A typical session consists of at least 5 waves?usually more! If I?m ever feeling sick, I?ll usually catch at least 5 but I always try to catch more! It?s actually kind of funny on the days when I?m sick? when I paddle out and get in the water I usually feel much better! Meg Roh ROXY: What is your favorite local break to surf? Meg: San Onofre! There?s always a wave to catch there! ROXY: We know you have a ton of boards, but which one is your favorite ?go-to? board? Meg: I love all my boards but one of my favorites is my T. Patterson board! Meg Roh ROXY: If you could buy a plane ticket to surf any break, where would you go? Meg: Noosa (in Australia)! I?d love to catch all those really long rights! Also, there?s a secret spot in Mexico that?s pretty amazing too! ROXY: We heard you have a totally rad baby blue VW bus?can you tell us about it? Meg: It?s such a good beach car and everyone knows ?the bus.?  My dog also loves the bus.  When he sits in the driver?s seat it totally looks like he?s driving! Everyone thinks it?s hilarious! Meg Rho ROXY: We know that June 1st marks the 3-year anniversary of surfing everyday.  What?s next after you hit this amazing milestone? Meg:  I?ll probably continue to surf every day since it will be summer anyways! And after that, who knows what will be next?  We?ll see! Meg Roh We?re so proud to have Meg as part of our ROXY family and appreciate her determination to get outside each day and do what she loves the most.  Congrats Meg!