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In Memory: Sonny Miller

In July 2014, ROXY lost a very dear friend: Sonny Miller. Traveling with the ROXY team for the past two decades, Sonny immortalized the key moments of our brand’s history on film. Beyond his groundbreaking camerawork from the water and from the air, Sonny acted an older brother for our surfers- motivating, protecting and cheering on the girls from the line-up.

 The surf industry recently hosted a paddle out in memory of Sonny in Cardiff, California. We spoke to Lisa Andersen about her memories with Sonny, and caught a few waves in his honor.

While we miss his ever-present smile, his unwavering optimism, his infectious laugh and of course his crazy costumes, we never forget to live just a little bit more ‘relaxo’ …just like Sonny always did.

To learn more about Sonny and his legacy, visit: