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ROXY Surf Diaries: Episode 5 Surf Etiquette

As a beginner, the lineup can be an intimidating place but if you follow a few surf etiquette rules, you’ll catch a lot more waves and maybe even meet a few new friends in the process.

In this episode, Kelia, Tiara & Megs share a few tips on paddling out with the right attitude, checking if someone else is on the wave and making sure to apologize if you inadvertently drop in on someone. As TT says “You’re gonna catch a lot more waves with Aloha”.

Here are a few simple rules to adhere to:

1. Choose the right location based on your abilities

2. Respect right of way

3. Don’t drop in

4. If you do accidentally drop in, apologise

5. Respect the locals

6. Learn to paddle out correctly

7. Respect the beach - leave only footprints