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How To Make Your Own Coconut Girl Necklaces

Hibiscus flowers, the sweet smell of fresh fruit, gliding on a glassy wave, barefoot beach days… Complete your Coconut Girl look by pairing some handmade shell necklaces with your favorite tropical print bikini.

Step 1 : Gather Your Supplies Jewelry wire or twine, clasps, scissors, small pliers, and of course beads! We recommend a combination of letter beads (to spell your favorite words or phrases), shell beads and pearls, and small beads in a variety of colors. All of these can be found at your local craft, art or bead store.

Step 2 : String Your Beads & Get Creative There is no wrong way to string your beads, so get creative! String them in a pattern, randomly, use colorful beads, or try a more monochromatic color scheme.

Step 3 : Secure Your Necklace With A Clasp Finish off your necklace by securing the end of your jewelry wire by looping it through a crimping bead, and then a clasp, and then crimping the bead with your small pliers to secure your string in place.

Step 4 : Layer Your Necklaces & Complete Your Coconut Girl Look Wear only one, or stack multiple necklaces in a set to complete your favorite summertime Coconut Girl aesthetic.