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Bronte Macaulay

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    Gracetown, Western Australia

Bronte grew up and learned how to surf at age 9 in the surf-abundant region of Margaret River (Western Australia), under the expert guidance of her father Dave, an iconic professional surfer from the 80s and 90s. It was therefore almost inevitable that Bronte Macaulay would pursue the chance to carve out a career in competitive surfing.

Bronte has now been one of the 15 best female surfers in the world since 2015, performing on both the QS circuit and the CT.



Favorite wave? I love Lefties, a reef break just down the road from my house in Gracetown.

Favorite place to travel? hmmm that's a tough one.. I really love exploring and camping in the north-west of Western Australia. It's very isolated and desert-like, but the cost line is so beautiful and untouched. It's like nowhere I've ever been before.

Favorite city? Edinburgh, Scotland.

Who taught you to surf? My dad and older twin sisters.

Who inspires you? Steph Gilmore. I think her surfing is just beautiful to watch, her style and grace is something really special. She's got so much class in and out the water and is very down to earth and happy.

What’s the best thing about surfing? Being in the ocean and the feeling when you're on a wave and everything just comes flows and you comes together perfectly.

What’s your favorite trick? I think I like it when you get on a bigger board and do nice drawn out forehand carves.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given? Do what you love, and the rest will follow.

What’s your best memory? Why? My best memory is the family road trip that we did around Australia in our caravan when I was nine. I loved the beautiful waterfalls and gorges in the northern Territory and the crystal clear beach breaks on the east coast where we learnt to surf.