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Justine Mauvin

  • Fecha de nacimiento


  • Ciudad

    La Réunion

The multi-talented and beautiful Justine is a surfer, musician and model for the ROXY brand. Introduced to the ocean at a young age by watching her brother surf, Justine first rode waves with her mom on a bodyboard.

At the age of 13, Justine entered a ROXY contest at her home break called Les Roches Noires. With the waves favoring longboarding, Justine picked up a 9'0 and won the contest, fostering her interest in longboarding. With her background of shortboarding maneuvers and gracefulness, longboarding suited Justine's style.

Justine's musical background is thanks to her father. Playing the piano from a young age, her dad taught her a song on the guitar and she was hooked on the instrument. When asked to draw parallels between her surfing and music, Justine says, 'Surfing is like playing music or writing a song. You're free to do what you want, and this massive feeling of freedom is addictive. Weather I'm in the water or playing music, I feel closer to my inner feelings because every sensations is deeper. Being able to express and receive between deep inside and what you hear (music), what you see, watch, and touch (nature)... they each bring me what I need to reach my balance. On the other hand, to me, the link between being an artist and woman surfer helps show the value of modern women, and at the same time it enhances the image of female surfing.”


French Longboard Champion

Vice European Longboard Champion

Pan-American Champion

13th World


Favorite Roxy Bikini? ROXY X House Of Hollande Viper

Best surf trip? Mexico

Most daring thing you've ever done? Living my dreams :) More seriously swimming with a whale shark or surfing Teahupoo with a longboard.

Sketchiest food you've eaten on a surf trip? Grilled cockroach in Mexico ... I know. 

Favorite city to visit? Haven't done all of them but I'll say Barcelona or Rio De Janeiro. 

Three things that are ALWAYS in your handbag? A book, a pen and a notebook.

What do you do on your downtime? Music, meditate, yoga, readings, writings, drawings

Goals as a professional surfer? Adventure the most I can, enhance female surfing, being world champ once.


FAVE WAVE: St Leu, Réunion