How To Choose a Bikini for Your Pear Body Shape

Getting ready for summer? In this Roxy expert guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about finding the perfect bikini for your pear body shape. Not sure what body shape you have? You’ll want to check out our How To Choose A Bikini For Your Body Shape guide to find out.

What Is the Pear Body Type?

The Pear, or triangle body shape is used to describe women’s bodies that are wider at the hips, with a smaller bust and narrow shoulders. Pear shaped women typically have:

  • Narrow shoulders in proportion to the hips
  • Hips, butt and upper thighs that are wider than the shoulders and chest
  • Small-to-medium bust size
  • Well-defined, curvy butt

How To Choose a Bikini for a Pear Shaped Body?

The trick to choosing flattering swimwear is getting the upper and lower body proportions in balance. A pear body shape tends to be proportionally bottom heavy. So to balance it out, you’re aiming to add more curves and volume to the top, narrow the waist, and draw the eye away from the hips. You can do this by choosing certain types of swimwear, and avoiding others.

Swimsuit Coverage Guide

Best Bikini Types for Pear-Shaped Women

One-Piece Swimsuit

Fit is important here: you’ll find many one-piece swimsuits are too tight below or too loose up top when you’re a pear. If you’re struggling to get the right fit, try a tankini combo instead. That said, there are a lot of great one-piece options out there. Look for designs with eye-catching necklines and details up top, and plenty of coverage below. Also, look for swimsuits that combine light colors and patterns around the chest with plain, darker colors around the waist.

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Bikini Tops

Pear types typically have small breasts, in which case you can have a lot of fun making the most of what you’ve got! Strapless bandeau tops are perfect for Pears, while padded bikini tops and push-up bikinis with bold patterns, elaborate styles, and sexy, revealing necklines are all great for emphasizing your bust’s natural curves. Playing with bikini textures and ruffles is a good way of adding overall volume up top.

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Bikini Bottoms

Besides their stylish retro look, high waisted bottoms add coverage to your hip and butt while emphasizing the curve of your waist. When it comes to bikini bottoms, high cut waistlines are more flattering, and will also help to elongate your thighs. If you prefer the extra coverage that boardshorts or swimshorts offer, take extra care to get a good fit and feminine cut, as boy shorts tend to be unflattering for wider hips. Pairing a swimsuit with a sarong is often a better way to combine coverage with style.

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Bikini Types To Avoid When You Are Pear Body Shaped

Try to avoid ruffling, hardware or other eye-catching, volume increasing embellishments around your hips and waist. Bikini bottoms with side-ties and horizontal waistbands can also draw attention to your wide hips: go for a high cut waistline instead.

If you’re a pear shape who’s planning on catching some waves in your new bikini, you’ll also need to be sure it’s a surf-friendly design – check out ourHow to choose a Surf Bikiniguide for everything you need to know.

And remember: feeling good about your body is key to looking good in swimwear. After all, the best swimsuit for a pear shaped body is the one you’ve already got – as long as you’re wearing it with confidence.

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