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Kelia Moniz

With 2 world championship titles, Kelia is one of the most graceful, carefree, and above all, versatile surfers in the world. She's equally fluid off the lip or cross-stepping to the nose; whether she's longboarding or shortboarding. As a grom, Kelia and her four brothers were dropped off at Waikiki early in the morning and didn't get picked up 'til sundown. By fourteen, she was not only competing against the world's best in longboarding, but also beating them.

When Kelia is not competing on the ASP World Longboard Tour, she spends most of her time hanging in the ‘Doll House’ in Manhattan Beach, CA with her best friend and roommate Bruna Schmitz. She's known as "Sister" among all the South Shore folk because that's what she's become to the world at large. Sis's biggest goal is to be a "positive influence in women's surfing," she says. "I want to help make women's surfing bigger."


Favorite Wave? Kewalos

Favorite song? Anything by Rihanna

Favorite place to travel? Anywhere tropical or snowing & with good shopping...

Favorite quote? Never take life for granted.

Favorite City? Honolulu

Who inspires you? Any person who believes in themselves and follows their passions! People who find the best in every situation.

Who taught you to surf? My dad was a professional surfer, so surfing an the ocean was really familiar to my brothers and me so by the time we could swim, we kinda just knew what to do on a surfboard. We all pushed each other and basically taught each other how to surf.

What is the best thing about surfing? All the friendships I have made with such amazing people throughout the world that I would have never met if it wasn't for surfing!

What's your favorite trick? A good 'ol noseride.

What drives you to win in your sport? To win is just a good feeling in itself, and that is a feeling I want!

What is the best piece of advice you have been given? Respect your elders.